Mayfair 500 planning application

Dear customers, residents, members and friends,

As predicted Mayfair 500 have now submitted a full planning application to Central Beds council for the building of 18 flats with a gym on the ground floor on the land at the back of the post office next door to the beer garden.

I have listed some valid bullet points below for you to be able to read in order to be able to help you write your email or letter of objection.

1. Architectural design is more within keeping of Milton Keynes rather than a historical town centre within a short distance from 13th century All Saints church.

2. Access is a major issue, Church Square is extremely busy with school traffic from Pulford’s and Leighton Middle both of which have been expanded to accommodate more children due to housing growth. Then you have traffic for the main post office which is very busy and many surrounding businesses including the Golden Bell pub next door which have regular deliveries as well as parishioners to All Saints church.

Mayfair 500 are proposing to widen the access point from Church Square to allow for 2 way traffic, right by the entrance of the post office!

3. Parking is another major concern Mayfair 500 want to build 18 flats with a gym on the ground floor, assuming 2 cars per flat plus the gym members you can see how parking could be very problematic.

4. The noise level assessments have been conducted at ground level and outside of the busy summer period which is when both beer gardens from the Golden Bell and Black Lion pubs are in most use particularly with live music. This means that even with Mayfair 500 promising to mitigate any noise issues with sound proofing and triple glazing there is more chance of residents complaining about the noise levels and therefore could mean restrictions on the live music license severely hampering two of the oldest and most vibrant town centre pubs jeopardising their businesses. After all most people open their windows and doors in the summer.

5. The future of the town’s main post office could be in danger especially because if full planning permission is granted then Mayfair 500 will purchase the land which includes the post office, one would then worry about what kind of terms would be offered in the lease for the post office.

6. The proposal would also jeopardise the development brief regarding the land south of the High Street which is predominantly owned by Central Beds council. After many years, many public consultations, town plans and a lot of taxpayers money spent to provide our ever growing town with the shops and leisure facilities they want it could all be lost by these flats blocking off the land leading to Church Square. Although Mayfair 500 will have you believe that it all links in if you look carefully at the plans what starts off as a 2 way road from Church Square soon ends up turning into a mere footpath.

Central Beds council were told by consultants that they hired that the best thing would be for the council to purchase that land in order to be able to deliver the project but if they allowed developers to build piecemeal then the likelihood would be that it would become very difficult to deliver what the people of the town want.

Please email your objections to or by writing to Central Beds planning  quoting planning application CB/19/01241/FULL

Please don’t delay, the cut off date is 13th June.

Many thanks for your help and support,

Gennaro Borrelli

L.B. First Chairman